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pH7 is a brand that is committed to accommodating natural, toxin-free products. We believe that beauty is derived from natural, organic ingredients that devote effectiveness towards healthy skin.


Developing her expertise and experience being a toxicologist Erika Weaver, PhD believes the origin of science derives from nature’s biological beauty. As a toxicologist, she studied and researched the effects of chemicals and how they could affect lifestyles and the environment. Her mission is promoting a skincare brand that provides natural, toxin-free products. With her education and passion for beauty, she aims to be an asset for the newly innovative natural, organic beauty industry.

These natural, non-toxic products are needed to express the new developing appreciation for natural necessities. 


Drawing inspiration from our natural surroundings,  pH7 is a natural, toxin-free skincare brand that features a highly clean collection of natural skincare products.


Dedicated to delivering exemplary products, pH 7 will provide the most personalized care, visibly healthy result to skin. Our products include foaming cleanser, toner and facial moisturizer that utilize healthy concentrations and ratios, using natural ingredients for smoother, radiant, hydrating skin.