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Do you use parabens or sulfates in pH7 products?

We stand for NO parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde and synthetic dyes. Our products were developed by focusing on using organic and natural ingredients in our formulations without the use of harmful parabens or questionable ingredients. 


Are pH7 products tested on animals?

We do not test our products or ingredients on animals. 


I am new to skincare, do you have any suggestions on getting started?

We have a variety of products for you to try out to help you on your way to natural -fresh - skin. The typical skincare regimen starts with:

  • 1st: Cleanse (Foaming Cleanser, massage gently to your skin). 

  • 2nd: Toner (Toner, Apply a toner)

  • 3rd: Hydrate (Moisturize, apply a moisturizer to your skin).


Are your products natural? 


Yes. Our philosophy is to develop products that are as natural as possible, while still delivering results and being highly efficient. 


All of our products are natural, using all-natural ingredients. Our products contain no parabens, preservatives, synthetic colourants, and fragrances. We source natural scents and colors from plant oils.


Will my pH7 products expire?


Without the use of chemical preservatives (paraben), the shelf life of natural products shorten. So to be safe, we recommended that they be used 3-6 months after opening for best product quality.

Please keep in mind that the products are made with natural ingredients so they tend to have variations.

Who are the products for? 

pH7 products are suitable for women and men with every and ALL skin types. 

How do I store my products?

We suggest storing your products in a cool dry place, away from heat and moisture. It’s ideal to keep your products out of the shower. Refrigeration is not necessary, but if you like to keep your products cool, you can store them in your fridge.

Can I use pH7 products while pregnant?

Are products are safe during pregnancy however, we always recommend consulting with your health care provider about any products that will be used during pregnancy and nursing to make sure that they do not have any concerns. 

What order should I use my products in?

A.M: Wash with luke warm water and Foaming Cleanser, gently pat dry. Apply Toner or Mist (Mango) restore to moist skin. Next, moisturize the skin and apply coconut Moisturizer and massage gently. 

P.M: Start with one of the night time favorites; exfoliate the skin using Grapefruit+ Hibiscus Facial Scrub, follow with Moisturizer cream and, lastly, the Facial Oil.

Please note this is just a recommendation.